We are fortunate enough to have a number of authors who make Baja California Sur their home.  Listed below are just a few of these talented people.

Bruce BergerBruce Berger

Bruce is the author of several of our most popular books related to the Baja peninsula, including Almost an Island: Travels in Baja California; and in conjunction with talented photographer Miguel �ngel de la Cueva, Oasis of Stone: Visions of Baja California Sur.

Bruce Berger grew up in suburban Chicago and graduated from Yale University with a B. A. in English. During graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, wondering what Crater Lake looked like in the snow, he chucked his books down the library chute and left academia. He subsequently played piano professionally for three years in Spain, and more recently has played benefit classical recitals in Mexico.  Winner of the Western States Book Award, Bruce lives in the La Paz area for approximately six months each year. 

You can visit Bruce's website at www.bruceberger.net

Ann Hazard

Ann and Terry

Ann, author of the books, Cooking With Baja Magic Dos, Cartwheels in the Sand, and Agave Sunsets, is passionate about all things Mexican. She’s a third generation Baja Aficionada who has followed her father and grandfather’s footsteps up and down the world’s longest peninsula since she was nine. She, her sister and parents flew in converted World War II cargo planes, landing on dirt roads in obscure places. The family also took to the roads (dirt, usually) in their camper and stayed at deserted beaches and in lush palm oases where they were the only gringos around. 

Since then, Ann has traveled throughout Mexico. While she enjoys the resorts, she has a strong affinity for the Mexican people and a deep abiding appreciation for the country, its history, culture, cuisine and geography. In October 2003 she and Terry sold their homes in the US and Baja norte and relocated to Baja Sur where they travel, write, shoot photos, swim, snorkel, kayak, play and entertain more houseguests than they could have ever imagined!

You can visit Ann's website at www.bajamagic.com

RJ ArcherR.J. Archer

R.J. Archer is a mystery/adventure author, a freelance writer and a retired computer consultant who called the Pacific Northwest home for more than 30 years. The author and his wife, Marty, currently reside in Baja California Sur, Mexico. 

His non-fiction works include TheMegaBlog.com, an online chronicle of underwater archaeology activities in the Caribbean, as well as numerous articles on PC- and scuba-related topics in both print and e-magazines. 

R.J. holds a Bachelor of Science degree with dual majors in Physics and Mathematics and he is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. His interests include computing, alternative history, underwater archaeology, and scuba diving.

R.J. is the author of the Parallel Ops series.  You can visit his website at www.parallelops.com

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