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Who We Are...

Bruce and KathleenAfter living and working in Seattle, Washington, for twenty years, we decided to quit the rat race and head south for more sun and further adventures.

In 2005 we left our jobs, sold our things, and traveled throughout Mexico for eight months.

After returning to the United States and taking a coast-to-coast trip, we decided to make La Paz our home in 2006. We like La Paz because of the climate, the natural beauty, and the fact that it's "real" Mexico, unlike some of the more aggressive tourist destinations. The people are nice, the city seems small yet has a lot to offer, and in our short time here we are fortunate to have become friends with people from the foreign community and paceños (people from La Paz) alike.

A brief history of the store...

In 2007, Allende Books - then located on Calle Allende - opened for business.  In 2008, Allende Books moved to its current location on Calle Independencia,  where it shares space with the hacienda el ángel azul.   We love the atmosphere of the 140-year-old hacienda that houses Allende Books, and we love spending each day surrounded by literature!

We purchased Allende Books in May 2009, and although the store was now located on Calle Independencia not Calle Allende, we decided not to change the name...

What´s in a name?

"Allende" is the name of a Mexican national hero, Ignacio Allende, a general who fought for the independence of Mexico from the Spanish during the early 1800's.  Originally a captain in the Spanish army, he came to believe in the vision of an independent Mexico.  He fought alongside Miguel Hidalgo in the first stages of the struggle, and succeeded Hidalgo as the leader of the rebellion.  Allende was eventually captured by the Spanish authorities and executed for treason.

"Allende" can also mean "beyond," although it is used more frequently in prose and poetry than in spoken language.

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